Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Irish squads named for Scotland series

The Irish men and women’s squads have been named for the three-day series against Scotland at the end of this month as Paul Revington gets his first look at the side he inherits from Dave Passmore.

These games, all played in Banbridge’s Havelock Park gives the new man a chance to see some of the squad in action before beginning the post full-time in January.

Speaking about the games, Revington said "I am really looking forward to a very important initial ten days in Ireland and within Irish Hockey circles. Outside of watching a few league games, meeting key role players involved within the High Performance end of Hockey, watching the squad play games against Scotland and experiencing both Dublin and Belfast as hockey centres - I will, most importantly, get to meet the players personally for the first time. "

The first two matches see an established line-up taking the field while the third game – an uncapped test – gives Revington a chance to see some of the players currently on the fringes like Peter Blakeney, Peter Caruth, Jonny Quigley and Jason Lynch. There are also inclusions for Mossley’s Simon Todd and Cork C of I’s Jonny Bruton.

Gene Muller, meanwhile, has named a panel of 19 for the three matches and said “These matches against Scotland are ideal for us at the start of a new international hockey season. Our matches against them are always very competitive, so this will be a very good test for the individual players and the team. These matches come at a time where were are looking to settle on a squad of players to work with going into 2009.”

Muller’s selection also sees a number of key players left out due to injury or sabbatical from hockey.

Men’s Squad:
Match 1 – Friday 21st November
David Harte (Pembroke Wanderers); John Jackson (Loughborough); Joe Brennan (Glenanne); Tim Lewis(Pembroke Wanderers); Ronan Gormley (Pembroke Wanderers) (capt); Karl Burns (Cork C of I); David Hobbs (Cork C of I); Graham Shaw (Glenanne); John Jermyn (Cork C of I); Mark Black (Cork Harlequins); David Ames (Cookstown); Phelie Maguire (Three Rock Rovers); Eugene Magee (Banbridge); Mitch Darling (TRR); Timmy Cockram (Lisnagarvey); Michael Watt (Grange HC)

Match 2 – Saturday 22nd November
Iain Walker (YMCA); John Jackson (Loughborough); Conor Harte (Pembroke Wanderers); Tim Lewis(Pembroke Wanderers); Ronan Gormley (capt) (Pembroke Wanderers); Keith Black (Cookstown); Geoff McCabe (Banbridge); David Hobbs (Cork C of I); Graham Shaw (Glenanne); John Jermyn (Cork C of I); Mark Black (Cork Harlequins); Phelie Maguire (TRR); Eugene Magee (Banbridge); Mitch Darling (TRR); Timmy Cockram (Lisnagarvey); Alan Sothern(Pembroke Wanderers)

Match 3 (non-test) – Sunday 23rd November
Mark Ruddle (Cork C of I); Gareth Lennox (Banbridge); Adam Pritchard (Cork C of I); Joe Brennan (Glenanne); Conor Harte (Pembroke Wanderers); Karl Burns (Cork C of I); Keith Black (Cookstown); Simon Todd (Mossley); David Ames (Cookstown); Stephen Butler (Glenanne); Jason Lynch (Lisnagarvey); Jonny Quigley (Annadale); Geoff McCabe (Banbridge); Michael Watt (Grange HC); Jonny Bruton (Cork C of I); Peter Caruth (Annadale); Alan Sothern (Pembroke Wanderers); Peter Blakeney (TRR).
Not Considered: Mark Gleghorne (Injury); Andy McConnell (Injury)

Women’s Squad: Lauren Barr (Ballymoney); Emma Clarke (Ulster Elks); Lizzie Colvin (Loreto); Katherine Elkin (Randalstown); Megan Frazer (Ballymoney); Emma Gray (Hermes); Michelle Harvey (Pegasus); Louisa Healy (Loreto); Lisa Jacob (UCD); Shirley McCay (Ulster Elks); Jenny McDonough (Belfast Harlequins); Cathy McKean (Loreto); Bridget McKeever (Ballymoney), Hollie Moffett (UCC); Cliodhna Sargent (Cork Harlequins); Niamh Small (Loreto); Alex Speers (Pegasus); Emma Stewart (Armagh); Nikki Symmons (Loreto)

Not considered for selection: Eimear Cregan; Roisin Flinn; Mary Goode; Louisa Moore; Rachel Mulligan; Ciara O‘Brien; Julia O’Halloran; Stephanie Quinn

Match Schedule (Banbridge)
Friday 21st November
6pm (women) Ireland v Scotland; 8pm (men) Ireland v Scotland
Saturday 22nd November
3pm (w) Ireland v Scotland; 5pm (m) Ireland v Scotland
Sunday 23rd November
12.30pm (w) Ireland v Scotland; 2.30pm (m) Ireland v Scotland (Non-Test)


Anonymous said...

Peter Carruth,Jonny Bruton?Young promising players im sure.But why are 25+ year olds, easily as good as/better than the above named, not get a sniff?Im all fro giving youngsters a chance.But not at the expense of 'older' players who are seen as waste product once they hit the mid twenties!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately,if you have'nt made the Irish men's squad by 25,you're not going to make it and if you're a young promising player trying to make it,you stand a far better chance if you play with Pembroke or so it appears.Can we have a new assistant coach please!What about an Irish assistant coach?? A clean slate in the New Year.

Anonymous said...

What a joker. The players from Pembroke who are on the side all deserve their place in the squad. Please tell me which one of them should not be in the squad?....and with your reply, why don't you tell me what club you come from, or even your name to show that you actually believe what you're saying...

Anonymous said...

It is very unfair to have Irish coaches, assistant coaches, etc associated with clubs. The coach of a team has a major bearing on why players join or transfer to certain clubs. Irish coaches/assistant coaches should not be club coaches.

Anonymous said...

Peter Caruth and Jonny Bruton are well deserved inclusions. They have been scoring goals at club level all season, just like Alan Sothern has been scoring goals for

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all the players selected for the matches against Scotland.I think they all deserve to be there.However I do agree that Irish Senior coaches/assistant coaches should not become club coaches.

Anonymous said...

what was the need to include sothern in that comment?!

Anonymous said...

will you please name these players that should be included instead of these young players. very interested in your comments.

Anonymous said...

ewan butler (cookstown), ivan steen (cookstown), dane ward (banbridge), david robinson (ym), dermy reay (banbridge), colin donaldson (cookstown) should get more of a look in imo.

plus i think in terms of young players for development the new coach should look at some of the young ulster players like stu smyth, stephen sloan, david best (cookstown) and drew carlisle (banbridge)