Thursday, April 17, 2008

Club Championships Draw

The draw for the Club Championships has been almost finalised. Pool A sees last year’s champions Pembroke line up against Cork C of I, Ulster champion’s Cookstown and either Lisnagarvey and Banbridge.

Leinster league winners Three Rock do battle with last year’s ISC winners Glenanne, Cork Harlequins and Ulster ’s runners up which is between Lisnagarvey and Banbridge.

On the women’s side, which take place on the May 16-18 in Lisnagarvey, Pool A sees Railway Union, Cork Harlequins, Pegasus and Armagh battle it out while pool B lines up Hermes, Loreto, Cork C of I and Ballymoney.

Men’s Club Championships Pool Stages
Lisnagarvey; May 3-5
Saturday 3rd
11.30 A Cookstown v Lisnagarvey or Banbridge
12.30 B Three Rock Rovers v Glenanne
3.00 B Lisnagarvey or Banbridge v Cork Harlequins
4.00 A Pembroke Wanderers v Cork C of I

Sunday 4th
11.00 A Pembroke Wanderers v Cookstown
12.00 B Three Rock Rovers v Cork Harlequins
2.00 A Lisnagarvey or Banbridge v Cork C of I
3.30 B Lisnagarvey or Banbridge v Glenanne

Monday 5th
10.30 A Pembroke Wanderers v Lisnagarvey or Banbridge
11.30 B Glenanne v Cork Harlequins
2.00 A Cookstown v Cork C of I
3.00 B Three Rock Rovers v Lisnagarvey or Banbridge

Women’s Club Championships Pool Stages
May 16-18; Lisnagarvey
Friday 16th May
6.00 A Pegasus Armagh
6.00 B Hermes Loreto
8.00 B Ballymoney Cork C of I
8.00 A Railway Union Cork Harlequins

Saturday 17th
12.30 B Hermes Cork C of I
13.30 A Railway Union Pegasus
15.00 B Loreto Ballymoney
16.00 A Armagh Cork Harlequins

Sunday 18th
11.00 A Armagh Railway Union
12.00 B Cork C of I Loreto
13.00 A Pegasus Cork Harlequins
14.00 B Hermes Ballymoney


Queso said...


Does anyone know why the IHA changed the group seedings in this years All-Ireland Championship compared to last year??

Last year the groups were composed as follows:

Group A
L1: Glenanne
U2: Cookstown
M2: Cork Harlequins
U3: Banbridge

Group B
U1: Annadale
M1: Cork CoI
L2: Pembroke Wanderers
L3: Monkstown

This year the composition of each group has been changed as follows:

Group A
L1: Three Rock Rovers
U2: Banbridge (probably)
M2: Cork Harlequins
L3: Glenanne

Group B
U1: Cookstown
M1: Cork CoI
L2: Pembroke Wanderers
U3: Lisnagarvey

Essentially the 3rd ranked Ulster and Leinster teams have swapped groups.

I hope any undue pressure or favouritism within the IHA didn't influence matters... or any moaning that was reported earlier in the week in the Belfast Telegraph!!!!


At the end of the day to be the best you've got to beat the rest....

Stephen Findlater said...

Here's the link to yesterday's article concerning the 'group of death'.

Dougal said...

I think it works on alternative years. With that slight change. Its so each year as to mix things up. If the leinster league is stronger than ulster it is a disadvantage for 1st in leinster to play second in leinster. so they mix it up each year. Its the same if ulster is stronger.

Queso said...

Link not all coming out!! Copy below onto one line of Internet Browser: