Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IHA Announces Shortlist for ESB Irish Hockey Awards

The Irish Hockey Association (IHA) has released the 44 nominees for the Irish Hockey Awards to be presented on May 31 at The Ballsbridge Court Hotel, Dublin

Four nominees have been issued for the each of the eleven award categories, ranging from top international players, to coaches, umpires, volunteers and clubs.

Tickets for the event are available at http://www.hockey.ie/ or by telephoning 01 2600028

And the nominees are:

Men’s Senior Player David Hobbs, Mark Gleghorne, Stephen Butler, Paddy Brown
ESB Women’s Senior Player Eimear Cregan, Claire McMahon, Cathy McKean, Shirley McCay
U18 Male Player Brian Doherty, Stuart Loughrey, Peter MacDonnell, Stephen Hunter
ESB U18 Female Player Stephanie Quinn, Amy Stewart, Zara Delany, Chloe Watkins
ESB Coach of The Year Richie Malone, Billy McConnell, Craig Fulton, Victor Shaw
Umpire of The Year Zena Howe, Geoff Conn, Carol Metchette, Tom Goode
Club of The Year Armagh, Pembroke Wanderers, Pegasus, Cork C of I
Emerging Club of The Year Limerick, Clonmel, Renmore, Botanic
ESB Volunteer of The Year Reg Treacy, Mary Walsh, Helen Buckley
Youth Club of The Year Knocknacarra, Limerick, Tullamore, Muckross
Development Coach of The Year Carl Allen, Karen Long Eacrett, Trevor Watkins, Gareth Borland
* Agree with these nominations? Who do you think should have been nominated? Have your say...


Hockey08 said...

pembroke club of the year?? wats that for?? TRR won cup and league, Glenanne won cup and europe B divison,there ladies won promotion, and irish junior cup!! How are these nominations arrived at out of curiosity??

Steve d said...

I think its really harsh on the glens not to be in that award list...granted im looking at this slightly bias but they have achieved so much as a club this year in mens and womens hockey that they deserve this....i wouldnt get into the ins and out of why other clubs were nominated and the glens werent, regardless of what these clubs achieved this year the glens should be in the mixer

Piaggio said...

As far as I know ... each Club is asked to submit Nominations for each Category to the IHA. I can only assume the highest 4 Nominations in each Category get shortlisted. I too would have thought Glenanne should be there following good success in both mens and womens ... but you gotta get nominated.

Piaggio said...

IHA asked all Clubs to forward Nominations for each Category. I assume the top 4 Nominations in each Category get shortlisted. I too would have thought Glenanne deserved a mention after successes in both Mens & Womens campaigns.

sheepz said...

I don't think there is any other club deserving of a nomination more than Glenanne this year. On the men's side, they won a trophy while representing their country in europe and also won Lesinter's premier cup competition. Also won the division 4 and made u21 final for those who say it is club not team etc.

Their ladies also had their best season ever, winning a national trophy and getting promoted.

Surely a european, national and provincial trophy would get some respect from some people but it appears it hasn't.

Happy victor is up for coach of the year...

Playa said...

Amazed the Glens didn't get a nomination for Club of the year with the amount of success they had had in both the mens and womens sections...

Michael said...

pembroke are easily the best club. And where is justin sherriff in the mens player of the year?? he scored one of the best goals in a long time and has been class all season

Clive K said...

i think its a tad unfair really, this happend last year. and the explanation that was given is that we should of nominated ourselves! we dont do that, on the off chance that some other club recognises glenanne for our acievments and talent, and not becuase they dont like us! well done pembroke 2nds, easily the best 2nd team in ireland!! Could prob win div 2 if given a chance. Really the only justification of their nomination. And their 1st winnin ISC.

I really dont think the nominations should be made by other clubs, it should be made by a non-biased group of people who sit down and look at acievments and not just the reps of clubs!!

Well done vic on your nomination. And well done to everyone else who got nominated!! Good luck

Titch said...

I think part of the problem after all these years remains that Glenanne are a Tallaght club. I've witnessed many examples of this covert snobbery over the years - I think if Glenanne went through a season and won everything that was possible to be won, they STILL wouldn't get an award (well not until they move out of Tallaght).