Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Muller names panel for Germany series

As part of the German Hockey Federation's 100th anniversary, Ireland will play the world number three side in Nurnberg twice over the weekend on May 9/10.

National coach Gene Muller has named a panel of 16 for the series with four changes from the Easter games against England.

Emma Grey comes in for Mary Goode in goal while Ciara O'Brien, Niamh Small, Michelle Harvey and Lisa Jacob replacing Lizzie Colvin, Shirley McCay, Megan Frazer and Cliodhna Sargent.

The fixtures will be key for Muller's continuing assessment of his squad, playing a side who will be in their pool in the EuroHockey Nations Championships.

“This will be a stern test for us against the world’s 3rd ranked team. Germany is in our pool at the EuroHockey Nations Championships in August, so it will be good to see how we fare with a block of preparation left until the championships.”

Ireland squad
Lauren Barr (Ballymoney), Bridget Cleland (Ballymoney), Emma Clarke (Ulster Elks), Eimear Cregan (Capt) (Cork Harlequins), Roisin Flinn (UCD), Emma Gray (Hermes), Michelle Harvey(Pegasus), Louisa Healy (Loreto), Lisa Jacob (UCD), Cathy McKean (Loreto), Rachel Mulligan (Armagh), Ciara O’Brien (Chelmsford), Emma Smyth (Railway Union), Emma Stewart (Armagh), Niamh Small (Loreto), Nikki Symmons (Loreto)

Saturday, May 9: Germany v Ireland, 2pm
Sunday, May 10: Germany v Ireland, 11am


Anonymous said...

Anyone know the reason behind the lack of ucd players in Ireland 'A'? Many of the students have played consistently well all year round and have proved themselves time and time again against the best in the country. The selectors are carelessly ignoring some very talented players. Anyone watching the final has to have recoginised that the talent shown by at least three of the players should be enough to get them into the 'A' squad.

Anonymous said...

Which three are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

As a division1 player. I think I could try and name 3. These are the 3 from those girls I'd say are most able to play and perform for Ireland. Not nessecarily their current best players.

Rosie Carrigan: probably one of the most skillful and beatiful hockey players in Leinster.

Rachel Burke: Has the speed, strengh, fitness, reach, dogedness. She's also very direct and selfless. A real team player.

Megan Tenant Humphries: Probably has the most to go out of the three, used to better than some of our current Senior Irish Defenders, but after return last year after a long absence (injured I think) has been somewhat lacking in confidence but it seems to be building. She's leading that famously solid defence perfectly. Never lets anybody completely past her, probably the fastest player in the country, takes the straight strike out of every teams short corner arsenal as well as blocking down more and more switches. Improving everytime I play her.

Though Holly Jenkinson and their little northern irish girl (I don't know her name) could do things.

Obviously I'm omitting Liz McInerney, who already is on the squad.

Anonymous said...

Rosie Carrigan used to be in the Ireland A squad. Apparently she's not good enough anymore! At 19 years of age that would appear to be a very short sighted view. The only other player in the Country who could have scored a goal like her goal on Sunday against Pegasus is Jenny Burke. In a nation crying out for natural goal scorers you would think it would be wise to develop natural talent rather than rejecting it because it doesn't tick some of the boxes in a textbook coaching manual.

Anonymous said...

Players in ucd that should be (or should stay, in one case) in the squad.

Rachael Burke- The best forward her teammates could ask for. Having seen many forwards in the Ireland 'A' team play I would choose her above them any day of the week. One of the few forwads in the country who is unafraid to slow the ball up and pass it back if need be. She also has huge strength and so is very solid on the ball. Her reach is hugely long. I am at a loss to see why she has not been included in any squads.

Rosie carrigan- Where to start? her pace over five meters is like nothing I have ever seen. Her skill level speaks for itself, it really is just raw, natural talent which is sometimes hard to find in Ireland. Her goal scoring ability is better than most, if not all of the fowards currently in the ireland 'A' squad. How she was dropped out of the squad is beyond me.It was inexcusable. Really do wonder what the reason was behind that decision.

Laura wilson-she is often overlooked and I am at a loss as to why. She has played outstanding all season. She is so solid in defense, she outplayed many Full Irish and Ireland 'A' players this season as they just could not get past her. In my opnion she deserves a spot.

Megan Tennant Humphries- Fastest number one runner in the country. Again very few get by her. Forwards struggle to outrun her due to her extreme pace. She was central to ucd's great defensive record this season. Due to her injury trouble last season she has been overlooked by the coaches but has been back to her best for a full season now.

also just a word on Liz McInerney. Her ability to spot passes, control the game and make tackles is outstanding and her workrate is brilliant, it seems that her engine just doesn’t stop. Seeing her come up against full Irish midfielders this season has really been entertaining to watch as she often came away from the battle victorious. Also have yet to find anyone else who makes as few mistakes as she does in a match.

All of the above players are the right age to be included in the sqaud and have been working in the gym all year. Why have they not been called up? (I understand Liz is already in the squad-and deservadly so)

Anonymous said...

I think UCD are a great team, but to say that more than half of their starting eleven should be in the Ireland A squad is a bit of a reach. There are plenty of other talented players out there that are also being overlooked, it's not just UCD.
The Ireland coach has to pick players based not just on ability, but on whether they have to mental capacity, whether they fit into his team and plans and I am sure many other things. If the girls keep working hard I am sure their efforts will be realised. Plenty of time for them yet.