Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Avoca and Railway playoff: News in brief

* The division one/two promotion/relegation playoff between Avoca and Railway Union will now take place in Park Avenue on Saturday at 2pm.

The fixture was originally scheduled to be played in ALSAA but the sides came to an agreement to toss for home advantage which was made at Serpentine Avenue last Saturday with the Branch’s John Flannery, Ben Glascott and Ronan Pelow in situ.

* The Jacqui Potter U-16 Cup final time has been switched from 10.30am to 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon at Grange Road. Railway Union overcame Hermes 2-0 in their semi-final to set up a decider with Old Alex who advanced with victory over Corinthian. The match will follow the Division 7/8 final between Pembroke VI and Railway IV which starts at 2.30pm. The Division 13/14 final between Navan II and Monkstown II is also due to be played at the venue on the same day.

* The men’s U-21 Avoca cup reaches the semi-final stages this week. Railway Union host Monkstown at Park Avenue tonight at 7.30pm. The second semi-final is due to take place on Thursday night with Three Rock Rovers set to play either of Corinthian and YMCA (if anyone knows the result of this fixture already, please email me at stevie_findlats@yahoo.com)


Dman said...

There was a farcical situation in the U21 cup semi final last night. Monkstown turned up to play Railway and after warming up on the pitch for about an hour they were told by the Railway coach, with 5 minutes to go before the match, that they were giving Monkstown a walk over as a couple of their players had knocks and they have a play off match at the weekend.
There were supporters there to watch a match and this sort of thing is very bad for the game.
Monkstown have an IHL match at the weekend and had cancelled 1st team training because of this match.
It is also very suspicious that shortly after the supposed start time for the match more Railway players turned up and they started training.
Railway should be punished for this and I would suggest the first punishment the branch could hand out is to switch the play off match to give Avoca home advantage!

hockeyheadache said...

Those in glass houses. Remember the indoor no show by monkstown.

Dman said...

This was a totally different situation to the indoor - for which Monkstown were duly punished.
In this case both teams were there but one was not willing to play the match. Also the indoor match was a dead rubber wheras this was a cup semi final. How would you feel if you were the team beaten in the previous round by Railway and then they didn't bother to play the next round?

eggz_eleven said...

While I wasn't involved in the u21 setup and don't know the whole story I was down in Railway last night. As far as I was made aware there were not enough Railway players there at tip off time, and the game was called off. The Railway players themselves were very annoyed at not being allowed to play as they knew that their teammates were on the way down but were running late.
If they had had the chance they would have loved to play the game. Just want to apologise on behalf of Railway to the supporters who arrived for the game. I, like you, was very annoyed having turned up to watch the match to see that nothing was going on.

NinjaGK said...

YM got a walkover from corinthians. They're playing three rock thursday at 6:15 now.

The Hooded Claw said...

Did they have 8 players present. Think you only need a minimum of 8. Or maybe its 7. Not quite sure.