Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Town bridge 41 year IJC gap

Men's Irish Junior Cup final
Monkstown II 3 (Theo Kirwan, Andy Ewington, Frank Ryan) YMCA II 1 (Johnny Miller)

Monkstown deservedly took home the Irish Junior Cup for the first time in 41 years last Saturday at Belfield – their third team triumphing back in 1969 – as they were too sprightly for YMCA on a hot day at the National Hockey Stadium,

YM started the better with Craig Ellis pulling off a pair of fine saves from Gary Ryan and Stephen Walker.

But it was the Town who opened the scoring, a little against the run of play, through Theo Kirwan after a super pass from Andy Ewington in the 15th minute for the only goal of the half.

And they looked to have much more in the tank in the testing conditions as they held the box seat for much of the second half. And the sky-blues increased their lead in the 63rd minute through an Andy Ewington switch drag-flick, spotting an opening from previous corner routines.

A minute later, Frank Ryan sealed the deal against his old club after he netted following a super Richard Sykes through ball.

Ali Nolan was sin-binned soon after for a bad tackle and, piling on the pressure, Johnny Miller pulled one back following Charlie Carroll’s pass but, with two minutes left on the clock, it proved academic as the Town’s youthful side, led by Donal O’Mearain, broke the long drought for this title in front of a vocal crowd featuring many of their predecessors.

* For more of Adrian Boehm's photos from Monkstown II vs YMCA II, click here


Mr Mysterious said...

You have to admire the imagination of the Monkstown registrations secretary.

I believe Monkstown definitely deserved to win against YM but to have Andy Ewington playing was a bit farcical, even if he didn't start. According to the Monkstown website he's got 24 goals for the 1sts this season. Only bettered by Gareth Watkins with 25.

Maybe next year they'll have Watkins playing up front too...

rory said...

i think you'll find he was registered when he'd scored very few goals and was by no means guaranteed a 1st team slot.
Ah the sourness of the grapes. And YM wouldnt have had Jake Webber playing if he didnt go home?

Forrest said...

there are only 11 players in the club that aren't allowed play IJC, those registered to play ISC. With Andy coming in so early it is no surprise that he was registered to play IJC.

however, those details don't take away from certain things. Firstly as Andy says himself, he came here to play for Monkstown, not a first team. His passion for the club is amazing and the sheer delight on his face when he came off having scored an immense goal was a testament to the man and the club that he enjoys playing for.

the efforts of the players, both young and old, coming up through the ranks and going back down, should not be diminished because Andy was playing. this is a group of players that worked very hard and had a single minded vision to win all three trophies. they won the second of 3 all without Andy and beat YM in the semi finals of the IJC without him also.

I stand by using him as Andy worked hard all year and complemented the hard work of the rest of the players as well.

Unfortunatley the first comment had to be about Andy's appearance and couldn't be about the fact that two leinster sides made the final, or that it was a fast thrilling game of hockey.

And before anyone makes a judgement on the squad chosen for saturday's game assure me that their club wouldn't pick the strongest team possible to play in any cup final?

Donal O Mearain

Forrest said...

I meant of course that monkstown beat YMCA in the semi final of the Railway cup as well.

mrs.crouch said...

well said Donal . A fantastic year for Monkstown ! well done.

Alastair said...


Mr Mysterious said...

It's blatantly obvious that Andy is a pivotal player in Monkstown's first X1.

Other clubs do it, as has been pointed out in another thread (https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=2147439334930274041&postID=8200552525555753487). Just because the registrations have been done correctly, it still doesn't make it right. They're not supposed to just be used so that teams can be loaded if the donkey work in earlier rounds has been done by the regular players.

My point is more that I believe Monkstown had enough in the tank to beat YM without one of their club's top players, so why not try & do it properly?!?!

Congrats to Monkstown on their double so far this season but I think the Branch need to look at policing this sort of thing a bit better.