Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Hook to roll out new developments

As some of you have already spotted (and very generously contributed to), The Hook has recently added a "Donate" button in the right hand panel. The addition comes as a result of what are hoped to be exciting new developments in the coverage of Leinster hockey.

First of all, due to a high volume of requests in the last month, a dedicated photo sales site capable of producing high quality prints delivered to your door is in the pipeline featuring the work of the Irish Hockey Photographers.

Also at an embryonic stage, a results service for the schoolboy leagues is also being prepared for the 2010/11 season which, if successful, could extend to the rest of the Leinster leagues. The final addition will be a more searchable and user friendly version of The Hook' main site for next year.

The Hook is committed to remaining a free service but these new initiatives take a decent amount of time and effort, as well as a cash outlay which is currently beyond the means of the current advertising income and so, if you feel like donating to help push these developments forward, click on the 'Donate' button.

Also, if you have any ideas, suggestions or requests on how to improve coverage, please email me on

Wishing you all a pleasant Easter weekend

The Hook


Mr Mysterious said...

Hi Stephen,

I was wondering how long it was going to take before this happened. I think it perfectly acceptable for you to expect a revenue stream for the amount of time and effort you expend on making The Hook the phenomenal resource it is to Leinster hockey, it's players and fans.

I have spoken to people about this in the past over pints and we queried how you could make this financially viable. Some suggestions were a flat fee for all clubs & possibly even a cheeky mail to the branch looking for funding?!?!
Now with "Anonymous" turned off, there'll be less of the Branch/Blazer bashing too!! So it might be an easier sell.

Have you considered these as options? Only saying this, as I query the wisdom of trying to hit up the users for chump change, when a steadier stream from clubs might be an easier route.

Considering the coverage you give, we thought clubs would be keen.

I know it's coming to the end of the season but actually since you've turned off the anonymous feature, there's been a bit of tumble-weed blowing around the place. I'm not suggesting turning it back on - people just need to get creative with a 2nd google account...
Hopefully they do & the site gets the banter back that it's been missing over the last while.

Might be worthwhile doing the groundwork with clubs over the summer & working out what they're will to fork out as a flat-fee and have it operational for the start of next season.

Just a thought.

Mr. M???

The Hooded Claw said...

Hear Hear! Findo, If i had a few grand id give it to you!

The said...

Only fair in love and war....

Would be happy to support this. Fantastic work Steven.