Sunday, October 5, 2008

Women's Division One: Week Two results

Pembroke 3 (Louisa Moore 2, Hilda Maguire) Bray 1 (Stephanie Hall)

Bray battled hard against Pembroke as old team-mates a plenty faced off at Serpentine Avenue. The 'Broke were dominant in the early stages with Louisa Moore bashing in two huge short corner hits for a 2-0 lead and Hilda Maguire got a good field goal early in the second half. A well-worked corner gave Bray a chance and they enjoyed a lot of possession in the closing stages but to no avail.

Hermes 8 (Nicola Evans 2, Jenny Kinch 2, Christine Quinlan 2, Chloe Watkins, Gillian Pinder) Trinity 2 (Danielle Costigan, Lucy Small)
A facile win for Hermes, bouncing back nicely after their loss to Railway. They opened up a 5-0 lead by the break before taking their foot off the gas. First senior league goals for teenagers Chloe Watkins and Gillian Pinder while Christine Quinlan got her first pair since her return to the club.

UCD 1 (Rachel Burke) Loreto 1 (Lizzie Colvin)
Former Armagh player Lizzie Colvin got her first goal for Loreto but it was not quite enough for victory against the students as Rachel Burke nabbed an equaliser three minutes from time. Colvin's goal came from a corner move, her effort leaving Stella Davis helpless as the ball looped over her head. But Burke's late strike means Loreto settle for a second successive draw.

Old Alex 0 Railway Union 4 (Jean McDonnell 2, Sinead Walsh, Kate McKenna)
Railway maintain their perfect start to the season - the only side with two wins from two so far - and ahve yet to concede a goal. They were made to work hard by Alex who limited Railway to just one goal in the first half before running in three more after the break. Next up are Glenanne in a battle of the current top two.

Corinthian 0 Glenanne 2 (Leah Spillane 2)
Glenanne's impressive return to division one continues apace as they picked up an away win over Corinthian thanks to two Leah Spillane goals from short corners. Both came in the second half to seal the win, adding to their draw with Bray and cup win over Pembroke and they now sit in second place, level with Pembroke.

*Pictures courtesy of Deryck Vincent


Anonymous said...

Ali Geoffroy for Glenanne is out for a few week with 16 stitches in her hand. Nasty injury.

Anonymous said...

Railway could be a good bet for the league as they have a good squad ,coach and they don't have the 'trouble' of Irish squad members who will miss 5 matches (and club training during the week) .and maybe? school players who aren't allowed to train due to 'burn out' risk!!!!!!!!!.
What do people think is more important for the development of hockey, club or school????

Anonymous said...

It sucks I want to play club but I have to play school its a crap standard want to play club but they are stupid they Think ill get burnt out rubbish

Anonymous said...

Yep it appears that the team with the young talent could suffer most where did this 'law' come from 5 bloodly units...has anyone asked these players themselves where / who they want to play with, and how tired they actually are.?? If we really want to develop Irish Hockey surely they need to be playing the highest standard currently available ie club above school IF there needs to be a choice .It needs to be resolved Quickly.. From the last comment it appears at least one would rather play club ?!

Anonymous said...

Burn out and injuries do have to be thought about and it shouldn't be up to players to decide "how tried they actually are?". I doubt people like Megan Tenant Humphries thought she were doing herself any damage before she injured herself.

Anonymous said...

I know of many young players who have been burnt out through playing school, club, provincial etc hockey and have been victim of it myself.
I got burnt out so much that I don't even play anymore.
All the enjoyment was taken out of it for me and im not the only one.
Youths should play for school above club as you only get to play school hockey for a small number of can play club for the rest of your life!

Anonymous said...

We want to develop our Future talent ,right? Hence Super camps and Talent ID for 2012 etc etc.

So how can we develop this potential if these youths are not allowed to train, be coached and play week in week out with the best in the country at a club level. Why are they 'having to be' selected to play club but yet they arent 'allowed' to train.

We either revert back to years ago when no under 18's were allowed to play club hockey or abolish this stupid mandate and each player is accessed individually , perhaps they dont want to play average school hockey when they can be playing against and with other Irish players , past and present in a All Ireland league etc.

If you look at the current talent its the youths in Loreto, Hermes, Pembroke Armagh etc etc who are developing fastest not the ones playing School only hockey - !

Anonymous said...

Well said.. now will ANYONE be forward thinking enough to listen and constructively come up with a solution that is for the betterment of Irish Hockey ,whilst developing talent, without boring them to taking up GAA. Talking of which ,what happens in other sports - surely we need to a taking a lead to keep these kids excited in Hockey ....

Anonymous said...

I am all for schoolgirls playing with clubs where they can. Obviously school hockey should alywas come first and making 2 extra training sessions a week is not always going to be possible, but lets face it, the BEST coaches are in the Clubs..esp with girls hockey, where many of the coaches are PE teachers who have far too much on their plates, or paid part-time students etc, many of whom haven't recieved coaching badges. I would really like to see the IHA pushing schools to use QUALIFIED coaches only.

The dutch system relies solely on the CLUBS to bring on their youngsters..its in the Clubs where the coaching expertise is..not in the schools.

Surely a happy medium in the Irish system can be reached...

Anonymous said...

I wander if the person who put up the comment about schools coaches being poor PE teachers with no qualifications is brave enough to put their own name to the comment. I wander if this person knows that a majority of the coaching staff of Irish underage teams are all teachers. People who generalise normally don't know the facts.
Miles Warren, PE teacher in Alex.

Anonymous said...

The issue is that the current schools structure in Leinster does not compliment the Club Structure and vice versa. Both add significant value to potential elite players and to those players who will play in lower teams and who make excellent club members.
I believe that weekends should be left for Club matches and weekdays should be for schools matches. There are too many school kids playing 2 matches on a Saturday once for club and once for school

I have no doubt that everyone has an opinion but there comes a point when individual agendas of both the clubs and the schools needs to be set aside and an objective view about improving the standard of Irish hockey needs to be looked at.

Anonymous said...

Ok if weekends are for Club then these players HAVE TO be allowed to to train during the week for their club. How can they expect to be selected if they are not allowed to train , its unfair on other team members.

If the objective is to overall improve the standard of irish hockey then certain Elite players should be training at the highest level.

The structure of Irish, Club and School in that order needs to be agreed. We need to work out what a typical week would look like for one of these players -

eg Irish Training, Club Training , School match and Club Match and perhaps additional gym work !!

For Example do they need to be training in School if they have Club Training which is at a higher level. What they would learn at a club level has to be greater in terms of Skills than School ?

Agreed, put personal agendas to one side and agree will Irish Hockey be better if we have great school sides and drop the standard of Club hockey -very unlikely.....

Anonymous said...

Read the post again.
PE teachers/coaches being 'poor' was never mentioned.

Alot of PE teachers have more than hockey on their agenda..all sorts of sports. Many of the part-time
coaches have not yet completed even Level 1 of the IHA Coaching
standard. That is fact. I have completed recognised courses,
currently am involved in Club coaching and know many of the coaches/PE teachers involved part time in our schools. It is not uncommon for some of them to be running sessions with more than 20/30 players at a time!

It seems to me that alot
of the schools are just happy to get someone in with half decent
organisational skills who plays hockey (or has played ) at a high
level. This is not enough. Aspects of the technical side of
the game are not being developed as quickly as they could
because many of our kids coaches are not of a high enough standard.

I recognise that there are those who have gone to the trouble of broadening their coaching skills
and furthering their knowledge of the game, however this seems to be
the exception rather than the rule...