Friday, December 12, 2008

IHA calls off Saturday inter-branch matches

The weather warnings have caused the IHA to call off all inter-branch games this weekend to save clubs unnecessary travel and the costs caused as a result.

In a statement issued today, the IHA said "with the primary consideration of player safety in terms of travel, and the probability of unplayable pitches resulting in costs due to unnecessary travel, the following decision has been taken.

"IHA Matches (ie. Trophy and Challenge) scheduled for tomorrow Saturday 13th December which involve teams travelling out of their Branch to another Branch have been postponed.

"IHA Matches (ie. Trophy and Challenge) scheduled for tomorrow which involve teams playing within their"local branch" to be played subject to pitches being playable.

"A decision regarding IHA Matches (ie. Trophy and Challenge and IHL) scheduled for Sunday will be made tomorrow and Clubs will be notified accordingly. Dates for the rescheduling of all postponed matches will be notified to the respective clubs in due course."


Anonymous said...

Its a joke that the decision about the IHL games hasnt been made today considering the freezing weather forecasted for tonight! Fair enough they want to have the game played but the players and people involved have lives and shouldn't have to waste there day wondering if a game is on tomorrow or not, especially the ones who will have to travel

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more - it's a complete joke first of all to rearrange such important games for this time of year when it is always likely pitches are going to be frozen
the IHL is meant to showcase top level hockey - how is that going to happen on rope pitches?
why do we persist in playing hockey, let alone IHL games during the winter when the likes of England and Scotland have mid-season breaks?

Anonymous said...

Was looking around for scores from within Ireland today and saw that the Cookstown vs Annadale IHL game is off pending an appeal from Annadale. Am only a "trainee lawyer" but surely if Annadale are appealing then the IHL cannot allow ANY of these games go ahead in case the decision of the appeal affects these games too and subsequent games in the IHL, especially the Monkstown game which had already started. They are playing a very dangerous game regarding the procedures required in any type of appeal.