Monday, December 8, 2008

Ireland's Call for over 40s

Ireland’s veterans are on the lookout for players after they received an invitation to take part in the 2009 International Masters Hockey Tournament in Hong Kong next October.

In recent years, the squad has been mainly Ulster based though the likes of Liam Canning, Ger Burns and Frank Byrne have joined the squad in recent times and this year the management are looking to cast their net wider to get the best players available involved.

Players are aged over 40 on 31st December 2008 (certified by copy of passport as per tournament rules) are invited to contact Sam Ireland ( They should have played at a senior level (senior Ireland/Interprovincial/Leinster senior league) and still be in good physical shape.

Responses are requested as soon as possible as the invitation needs to be accepted by mid-January should the interest be there.

This is a serious undertaking and looking at the teams who have already announced they are playing (Australia, New Zealand, Germany etc), the standard will be very high.


Ganno said...

There ya go Earlo! Right up your street! Including of course, the "good physical shape"!!!

Earlo said...

I think i am actually to old what is the upper age limit.

Ginger said...

Is this for guys only or is there a women's tournament as well?

Anonymous said...

ger burns wat a man

Anonymous said...

There are womens tournaments running at the same time. Every age group from over 35 to over 55.