Friday, December 5, 2008

Women's Division One Preview

Loreto face a key weekend with two matches as they travel to Alex and Hermes to see if they can emerge from the pack as the main challenger to Railway in the title race.

Railway's six point margin at the top of the table is guaranteed to be reduced as they have a weekend off due to Mick McKinnon's involvement with the Leinster U-16s. But by how many will be determined mainly by Loreto's results against the sides second (Alex) and fifth (Hermes).

Alex will prove a tough challenge with Lesle-Ann George finding her feet and Leanne Ryan returning to prominence while the old foe, Hermes, on Sunday is always a key game. They have the added bonus of a restful Saturday thanks to Bray's Sarah Scott involvement with the Leinster set-up.

Elsewhere, there are opportunities for Glenanne, UCD and Pembroke to solidify a top three place with a win on Saturday, all making for a fascinating race for IHL spots. The Glens host the Belfielders who are looking to arrest a four-game winless streak while Pembroke host Trinity, the latter bouyed by the first point though whether coach David Bane can be on the sideline is unlikely due to his Fingal commitments.

Leinster Women Division 1
Glenanne v UCD, 12.30pm, Glenanne; Pembroke Wanderers v Trinity, 12.30pm, Serpentine Ave; Old Alex v Loreto, 1.30pm, Alexandra College
Sunday: Hermes v Loreto, 3pm, St Andrews


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephen can you please tell if the rules have been changed by the Leinster Branch for the rest of the season (International players playing/or are these matches postponed), or was it just the one match (Loreto vs Hermes)????We have Loreto later in the season on one of these weekends. Thanks

Anonymous said...

how come teams can get a match cancelled when they have players on the irish team. But 2 clubs get there games cancelled because they have a coach on a leinster team. Double Standards.....the leinster branch should get it act together and make a set of rules for all clubs to follow.

Anonymous said...

But the rules were set at the start of the season ,games are played on Int. weekends regardless if you have players or not.I think to answer your question the Leinster Branch apparently did a 'one of' rule(never heard of that before).If anyone else can shed some light?

Anonymous said...

What is it with people looking to seek an advantage? Surely the sporting thing to do would be to ensure that any clubs with Irish players are allowed bring the game forward to midweek so all games are played on the same basis. It just takes a bit of planning. Do people really believe it is fair all round if they win games where teams are below strength? Whatever about the teams with Irish players it can also affect relegation if one team plays against say Loreto with a full side and then another plays them without the 5 internationals. Fairness is surely what it should be about. Clubs shouldn't be punished for having internationals. As for having a go at the Leinster branch no doubt you are all active in your clubs and know exactly what is involved in running the leagues etc.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right,always better to see teams at full strength. BUT I think the point ya one is trying to make is that you can't change the rules of a competition (whether it's fair or not)during the competion.I supose that if you do then it must be changed for the rest or the season-not for one game.