Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Neville Cup final Preview

For many of YMCA’s young squad, this weekend’s Neville Cup final will be their first senior final but their management team brings a decent amount of pedigree to the table.

Coach Trevor Dagg and manager Stewart Taylor took the field in their last cup final, beating Three Rock in the annual St Stephen’s Day clash back in 2003.

David Johnston scored a golden goal from a short corner that day and while he has moved on, Mikey Fry, Iain Walker, Andy Walker, Will Powderly, Keith Benson and Stephen Barry are still involved and looking to repeat the feat.

Patrick Good has the most recent cup final experience, though it may be one he hopes to erase from memory – it being Pembroke’s ill-fated effort in last season’s final. Ger Butler was the head coach back in 2003 and is part of the current YM set-up who are excited to make it to the final.

Arguably, the final pits the two sides that showed the most desire to make it to the final two – with the Y overcoming an under-strength Rovers’ side with ease in the semi-final.

In the build-up, Butler said to The Hook “For everyone around the club, it’s a big event. There are a lot of guys who’ve never been in a [senior] cup final before.” He does lament, though, the fact that Glenanne will be without international duo Stephen Butler and Graham Shaw.

They will be once again rested as the Glens give the league precedence, due to the 14-game ruling curtailing their domestic involvement, but Butler is aware that Glenanne always rise to the occasion, especially in adversity.

For them, Paul Fitzpatrick is also unavailable while Frank Byrne will be the head man on the coaching bench as Arul Anthoni will be away in London.

The Malaysian, though, has overseen a recent upturn in form in the past few weeks with his side moving into top spot over Christmas as they look to win back the trophy after their 2006 triumph.

In their league battle, YM took an early lead but were pegged back before half-time with the Glens running away with the game in the second half, 4-1.

Admission is free as the competition is run as a fundraiser for charity. Collection buckets will be in circulation on the day.

Elsewhere, Lisnagarvey and Cookstown lock horns for the second time in a week in the Kirk Cup final after last week's 2-2 league draw and in Munster Bandon will hope to cause a major upset against a full-strength Cork Harlequins.

Fixtures(December 26):
YMCA vs Glenanne, 3pm, Serpentine Avenue - Neville Cup final;
Lisnagarvey vs Cookstown, Hillsborough, Kirk Cup final;
Bandon vs Cork Harlequins, 2pm, Farmers Cross - Peard Cup final


Anonymous said...

Lisnagarvey v Cookstown
garvey beat dale on stroke in the semi-final

Anonymous said...

I hope YM win, would be nice for them to win a trophy in their centenary year.Id imagine it will be an exciting game,looking at the attacking players on show.

Anonymous said...

YM to win handily and prove that Glenanne are a 2 man team...

Anonymous said...

it's Garvey V Cookstown in the kirk, just a typo!

it seems as if the dale appeal might be getting somewhere. will be very interesting

Pedant said...

anyone see today's indo? apparently YM haven't won anything throughout "the 1990s and noughties"...

also, seem to remember sharpy playing against Monkstown in the second round

Anonymous said...

so.... is he not allowed play or something? glens can play him in any 14 games they want, so what is your point?

Anonymous said...

If you read the indo article you will see the point!Says both Shaw and Butler havent played in the competition so far.Also says it hasnt been decided whether they will play in the final or not...

Anonymous said...

it's funny to hear that the Glens are a two man team and yet they are in this final having not played butsie or sharpy in this competition.

Anonymous said...

Stephen--just to say have a great Xmas and new year --you have provided a quality service to the Hockey Community in Leinster and beyond. Hopefully the national papers will soon realise that there is an appetite for hockey coverage and that you will secure a fuller role in covering games .

Anonymous said...

"YM to win handily and prove that Glenanne are a 2 man team..."

Are you for real?
Look at the young player the Glens have coming through: Richie Shaw, Shane O'D, David Keogh.
Joe Brennan has made the Irish squad aswell.

Anonymous said...

"it's funny to hear that the Glens are a two man team and yet they are in this final having not played butsie or sharpy in this competition."

sharpie played against monkstown when they won 3-2. Seems weird to play in the first round and not the final.