Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Malahide open new astroturf pitch

Malahide played their first official match on their new astroturf pitch in Broomfield last Saturday, celebrating in style by clocking up a 3-1 win over Railway Union's 5ths in division nine.

It was the seventh win in-a-row for Malahide's firsts, winning against the side that pipped them to the division 10 title last season.

The side are pictured in their newly sponsored gear, supplied by Gannon Properties and the new pitch will hopefully aid the growth of hockey in North Dublin along with Botanic's pitch in Glasnevin which is also close to completion.


Anonymous said...

Good to see is it their own pitch or part of a school? be great if a few of these ladies clubs could organise mens teams...

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more, would love to see a mens team with botanic.

Gillian said...

Yea me 2! Pitch 1st, world domination 2nd! ;D Congrats to Malahide, we know how much effort goes into getting a new pitch, it really is a great achievement, hope it brings em lots of success! Best o luck with it

Anonymous said...

Congrarts to malahide on their new pitch! Would be intrested in knowing is it their own pitch or is it council owned or owned by a school?

Anonymous said...

Could the Leinster Branch organise some form of either men only 7s charity tournaments or possibly a mixed league for the many female only clubs. Or some other interesting initative.
Anyone got any ideas?

I'm sure a lot of the husbands/brothers/ boyfriends etc would be interested and it might sow the seed of future things. I think everyone would agree that a mixed club is in a far better position than a single sex club.

Botanic myabe to celebrate your new pitch you could have large fundraiser/charity tournament and invite with mixed/single teams etc..

Anonymous said...

Maybe the mixed social hockey many clubs promote over the summer months could be placed on a more formal basis if a series of social/fun tournaments was organised each one by a different club, run during a whole day and inviting lots of
different clubs.

A family day out with childrens matches, BBQs, social mixed hockey, fundraising etc.

This could be a way of introducing mens players in some of the ladies only clubs and encourage a family atmosphere in clubs by involving everyone.